September 3, 2013

Lowell Collegiate Charter School Opens

September 3, 2013: Lowell Collegiate Charter School, the newest member of the SABIS Schools Network, opened today with 312 students in grades K-3.  Located in Lowell, Massachusetts, Lowell Collegiate will expand into grades K-6 next year and will add one additional grade level each year thereafter until it becomes a full K-12 school. "It's an exciting day to be part of the beginning of the first day, of the first year, of a brand new school," said Jose Afonso, SABIS Director of US Business Development.  "This school's charter was approved by the State in February 2012, and a year and a half later we're offering Lowell's parents with educational choices."

Lowell Collegiate is a tuition-free college preparatory charter school.  Students will wear uniforms and have a longer school day.  The educational program is designed to ensure students master concepts that will enable them to develop a solid academic foundation. 

The very first bus arriving on the very first school day!