Established in 1985 in Minnesota, SABIS® Educational Systems, Inc. (SES) owns the exclusive rights in the Americas and Europe to the dynamic SABIS® Educational System. Responsible for developing the SABIS® School Network in these areas, SES has established a range of schools in the private and public charter school sectors. All the schools managed by SABIS® Educational Systems, Inc. are supported by a team of committed and experienced professionals who ensure quality control, innovation, and efficiency.  For more information, please visit www.sabis.net.

SABIS® Educational System

The SABIS® Educational System is an integrated, comprehensive, kindergarten through twelfth grade academic program that has been developed and refined over a 127-year period. With a balance of academics, self-development, and life preparation, the SABIS® Educational System prepares its students for success in college, fosters a lifelong interest in learning, and develops responsible world-class citizens. It blends quality education with traditional values of hard work and responsibility for self and others.

The SABIS® Educational System consists of a demanding curriculum, an intense, disciplined, and interactive approach to deliver the intellectual material, and rigorous homework expectations.

At SABIS® schools, all students, regardless of their ability levels, can learn and achieve very high academic standards provided they want to learn. For this purpose, students undergo continuous monitoring to prevent the development of knowledge gaps during their learning process. By motivating students, fostering a desire to learn, and providing an efficient and high-quality educational experience, the SABIS® Educational System helps each student achieve his/her full potential.

  • Some features of the SABIS® Educational System include:
  • A well-structured and comprehensive curriculum
  • Efficient books, in core subjects, designed to dovetail precisely with the curriculum
  • Proven instructional methods that keep students engaged and learning efficiently
  • Timely tracking of student performance through regular assessment to fill any learning gaps
  • Cutting-edge educational tools to support the SABIS® program and enhance efficiency
  • A student-led organization that creates positive attitudes and behaviors
  • A safe, disciplined, and positive environment that encourages learning and responsible behavior

SABIS® Vision

SABIS® staff are passionate about the SABIS® vision, their students, and the subjects they teach. Since the mid-fifties, SABIS® has viewed education as an industry and has applied to it the rules that govern successful businesses: efficiency, accountability, productivity, and optimization of resources. In other words, the SABIS® schools aspire to attain extremely high academic efficiency at a reasonable cost.   For half a century, schools within the SABIS® School Network:
  • Have been teaching to larger classes
  • Have insisted on a hierarchy of subjects 
  • Have required memorization
  • Have maintained high standards for student discipline and school management
  • Have evaluated incoming students to determine preexisting learning gaps
  • Have implemented the SABIS Academic Monitoring System®, a frequent testing program to identify new learning and any knowledge gaps
  • Have instituted the SABIS Student Life Organization® program to empower students with the responsibility of leading many academic and non-academic aspects of the school, creating positive attitudes and behaviors, and nurturing responsible, capable leaders
  • Held individuals and schools responsible for their outcomes through the systematic collection and evaluation of reliable and valid information

SABIS® believes that the efficiencies and disciplines applied to the business world can compel schools to perform optimally. This is why these schools have determined the requirements for entering the best colleges and universities around the world and built those essentials into the SABIS® Curriculum. Moreover, they have imposed a comprehensive, week-by-week monitoring system to ensure that all students have grasped the necessary concepts before moving on to the next level of difficulty. As a result, the SABIS® proprietary system can effectively maximize what is learned and efficiently minimize the cost.

SABIS® Philosophy

The SABIS® Philosophy revolves around the firm belief that a university education is academically accessible to most students, not only a select few. SABIS® believes that the success of an educational institution should be measured by the value that it adds to each student.

Capitalizing on the SABIS® philosophy, all students can learn and achieve high academic standards provided that they want to learn and undergo continuous monitoring to prevent the development of knowledge gaps during their learning process. SABIS® believes that a core curriculum, combined with proper methodology and instructional delivery, is critical for success. Part of building such a supportive school climate rests with basic beliefs and a clearly communicated pedagogy. However, an equally important consideration is that students, staff, and the parental community promote and strive toward that philosophical vision. Thus, they develop, through SABIS®, into individuals who master the skills that enable them to achieve success in a changing world.

SABIS® Core Purpose/Values

SABIS® Core Purpose is to provide an outstanding education at a reasonable cost and help all students achieve their full potential.

SABIS® Core Values contribute to reaching high efficiency and high standards. The values are embedded within each of the schools. For example, mottoes reflecting these values include (arranged alphabetically):
  • Continually improving and never becoming complacent
  • Emphasizing Quality before profit
  • Making a difference
  • Practicing honesty and integrity
  • Recognizing and rewarding efficiency, loyalty, and commitment
  • Upholding our principles at all cost and at all times

SABIS® Basic Beliefs

SABIS® Basic Beliefs guide how decisions are made and actions are taken. The SABIS® Beliefs are the following:
  • All students can achieve their full potential
  • A proven curriculum based on mastery of essential concepts, including clear performance goals and objectives in alignment with state/national standards, is fundamental to success
  • Efficient use of classroom time and effective classroom management are essential to learning
  • An assessment system that provides performance information enables staff to address students’ individual differences and needs and ensures school-wide accountability for the results
  • A school climate emphasizing responsibility for self and others is based on a clear code of conduct for students and staff, which stresses discipline, ethical practices, and behavior, including respect for self and others.
The SABIS® Basic Beliefs, which emphasize knowledge, responsibility, respect, and positive social interactions, guide each SABIS® school by asking each individual to:
  • Always try
  • Do your best
  • Cooperate and actively help others
  • Manage yourself
  • Treat others with respect
  • Respect the property and rights of others.

SABIS® Value Added

The SABIS® Value Added to the educational programs in each of its schools include:
  • The integrated, sequential, aligned curriculum providing a broad, well-balanced college preparatory experience
  • The identification of essential knowledge, specifically essential and nonessential concepts within the curriculum The pacing of the curriculum that specifies the content to be covered at the school by term per class
  • The SABIS® pedagogical tools and instructional methodology that specify how the content is to be delivered in the classroom, thereby supporting greater teacher effectiveness and efficiency
  • SABISCareers (https://www.sabiscareers.com/), a careers website facilitating worldwide recruitment
  • The comprehensive staff supervision, observation, development, evaluation and development opportunities
  • The thoughtful data-driven decision-making process for student placement
  • The rigorous, continuous monitoring of student performance that helps schools and staff at the local, regional and corporate levels evaluate systems, procedures and processes for student placement along with monitoring student performance formatively and summatively
  • The dynamic accountability system that focuses on results and expects every person in a SABIS® school to treat every other person with dignity and respect
  • The proprietary, computerized system of data management, including a comprehensive assessment program incorporating ongoing academic quality control
  • Cutting-edge research and development activities to identify and optimize effective, efficient practices
  • SABIS® Educational Book Series including ancillary materials to support the SABIS® curricular program
  • The recognition of the diversity of cultures, including their history, language, lifestyles and patterns of beliefs
  • Sound school and business management services.