October 13, 2012

Video: Panel discussion on October 10 at the Business Roundtable regarding role of private companies operating public schools

Washington, DC (Oct 10, 2012): Business Roundtable was the site on Wednesday, October 10th, for a stimulating discussion of options in K-12 education -- public schools, non-profit schools, and private for-profit schools.

Sponsored by the Center for Education Reform and SABIS, an international for-profit school management company, the program dealt with the topic, "Can Education Be Run as a Profitable Business and Still Be Guided by a Humanitarian Vision?" A description of the program:

Former Michigan Governor John Engler joined Center for Education Reform President Jeanne Allen, and James Tooley, author of From Village School to Global Brand: Changing the World Through Education for an in-depth roundtable discussion exploring the critical issue of the growing role of private companies in American public education.

Professor James Tooley's recent book, From Village School to Global Brand examines the history of global education management organization SABIS. During the event, Jeanne Allen called SABIS President Carl Bistany to join the conversation and add insight to the discussion.


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