September 9, 2014

Newest SABIS charter school opens in Trenton, New Jersey

The International Academy of Trenton, the newest member of the SABIS Schools Network opened its doors Monday, September 8th in Trenton, New Jersey.  This new SABIS charter school welcomed 354 eager students in grades KG-3.  There are 371 additional students on the waiting list.  The International Academy plans to expand by one grade level each year until it becomes a full KG-12 school.  This is the first of several SABIS-managed charter schools planned for New Jersey.  The SABIS Business Development Team coordinated this school's successful opening, which is located at 720 Bellevue Ave, Trenton, NJ.

"Our team has the capacity and know-how to successfully launch new schools and I'm thrilled that the months of hard work and long hours have resulted in this seamless transition from its pre-operational stage to actual students in the classroom," said Tim Cameron, SABIS New School Start-up Coordinator.  "It's personally fulfilling to be a part of an initiative that will be offering Trenton's kids and families a top-quality college-prep education in a safe and caring environment."

The International Academy is led by Dr. Anthony Degatano, an experienced educator and school administrator.  For more information about the International Academy, please call (609) 759-2005, email or visit the school's website at

George Saad, SABIS VP of US Operations welcoming students on first day.

Larry Chenault (Board Pres) and Traci Cormier (SABIS Operations Director)

International Academy's students excited about the first day of school

Students arriving on the first day of school
Tim Cameron, New School Start-up Coordinator, offering a helping hand

Smooth dismissal after a successful first day of school

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  1. Congratulations, Larry.

    You are now living a 20 year old dream, and the world is a better place, Trenton, NJ, in particular!

    Mission accomplished! You finally have the first of several planned Sabis Charter Schools open and making a difference.

    Good job! 354 children just smiled.