December 15, 2011

Holyoke Community Charter School students making a stand against Bullies!

Students and staff of Holyoke Community Charter School, in Holyoke, Massachusetts, participated in an anti-bullying conference in Boston (at Northeastern University) called Stand Up 2011. Below is a news article highlighting Holyoke Community's students in a news clip featured on WGGB- 40 News along with the links to the videos.

(BOSTON, Mass.) (WGGB)– More than 4-thousand students from across Massachusetts came together as one today to say “no” to bullying.

They delivered their message at Northeastern University in Boston. It is believed to be the largest anti-bullying event ever in the country.

The event was organized by a coalition of national and community based organizations.  Among the Western Massachusetts schools participating was the Holyoke Community Charter School.

It was a learning experience they’ll bring back to their school.  The young students we spoke with say it’s important that they all came together as students to stand together against the bullying problem.

Following the suicide deaths of Carl Walker Hoover of Springfield and Phoebe Prince of South Hadley, the Massachusetts legislature passed an anti-bullying law that requires teachers and other schoool staff to report bullying to the principal.

And many feel that new law and the ongoing dialog is making a difference.  The one day conference lasted four hours.

It empowered the students to go back to their schools with renewed energy to promote positive social change and stand up against bullying.

Check out the interview with Angel Coriano (Student Life Coordinator at Holyoke Community Charter School)

Karyann Cruz (Deputy Outreach Dept.), Alix Lopez (Deputy Activities Dept.) , Donavil Salce (Deputy Discipline Dept.), and Carlos Joquin (Deputy Sports Dept.) are among the HCCS students interviewed by Ray Hershel:


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