December 15, 2011

Michigan eliminates charter school caps

The legislature passed SB 618 last night. The bill phases out the charter school cap over the next three years, going to 300 as soon as the law takes effect, 500 at the end of 2012, and eliminated at the end of 2014. The bill will allow great schools the ability to replicate easier by removing the single site requirement. More importantly for you, SB 618 gives charter schools that currently are required to pay property tax a partial exemption from that tax and allows schools to give priority enrollment to the children of charter school teachers. The bill will now be presented to the Governor for his signature.

“This is a historic day for parents and public education in Michigan,” said Dan Quisenberry, President of MAPSA. “The Legislature has paved the way for true school choice in our state and helped to begin to level the playing field on facilities by exempting more charter schools from paying property tax that goes to fund the very schools that are paying it.” (Source: MAPSA)


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