August 20, 2012

Milestone SABIS Academy moves from Uptown in New Orleans to Gretna, Louisiana

Catherine Boozer, Principal ofMilestone SABIS
By Helen Williams,

Milestone SABIS Academy of New Orleans has moved from Uptown to Gretna for this school term, leasing the old Kate Middleton School building at 1407 Virgil St. Milestone, in its 10th year of educating young people from kindergarten to eighth grade, will be accepting ninth grade students for the upcoming school year.

The school plans to expand to 10th grade the following school year, adding grade levels until it has a complete high school.

Milestone SABIS Academy is a free public charter school, expecting about 530 students to be enrolled this academic year.

The school provides bus transportation for students to and from school.

The principal of the relocated school is Catherine Boozer, who has been principal for six years, and has been with the SABIS system for 12 years.

An Opelousas native, Boozer lived in Phoenix from 1974 until returning to Louisiana in 2007.

“The distinguishing mark of Milestone is the implementation of the SABIS Educational System, uniquely offering a rigorous, internationally oriented, college-preparatory curriculum for students, focusing primarily on the core subjects of English, mathematics, sciences, and world languages. Spanish is the foreign language taught here,” Boozer said.

“We also offer music, computer, art and physical education. Since now we will have a better gym, we can offer more sports activities. Some of the features of the new location also include a stand-alone library and stand-alone cafeteria.”

Students are taught leadership skills, and are called “prefects,” Boozer said.

Students began class last week.

To apply to Milestone, parents can download the application on the school’s website,, which contains all the information needed for enrollment.

Parents and students are welcome to visit the campus if they prefer to pick up an application form in person.

Forward all documents to: Milestone SABIS Academy of New Orleans, Attn: Registrar, 1407 Virgil St., Gretna, LA 70053.

“All new students will have to undergo diagnostic testing in order to determine their knowledge so that they can be placed in the appropriate levels to maximize their learning,” Boozer said.

Innovators in Milestone is the name of the nonprofit charter board that runs the school.

SABIS is the school’s management organization, a global education firm that operates schools in 15 countries on four continents.

Brandon Armant, through his new firm, BAMM Communications, is partnering with Milestone SABIS Academy for its public relations and marketing services.

“Although charter schools became more popular and grew in numbers in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Milestone SABIS has been educating young people in the New Orleans metro area for the past 10 years, and the school is continuing to excel. Milestone is a Type 2 charter school, which means the school can enroll students from anywhere in the state of Louisiana,” Armant said.

Call the school at 504.894.0557 for more information.


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