August 2, 2012

SABIS students from Holyoke, Massachusetts, visit Washington D.C. and meet their Congressman

Eighth grade students at Holyoke Community Charter School (HCCS), a K-8 SABIS school located in Holyoke, Massachusetts, participated in an educational field trip to Washington D.C.  The aim of the trip was to expose students to some of the nation’s most important historical sites and monuments. The students visited major national landmarks including the National Zoo, Capitol Hill, the White House, and the Washington Monument.

They also visited a number of famous historical places including Arlington National Cemetery, September 11 Memorial, Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial, US Force Memorial, and Jefferson Memorial. The students also had the opportunity to visit a few of the world’s most fascinating museums such as the Smithsonian Institution, National Air & Space Museum, and the Natural History Museum.

In addition to experiencing the sights and sounds of D.C., through the various activities offered, students were also able to develop an understanding of the different forms of government, the decision-making process in a democracy, and the role of the legislative body.

The highlight of the trip was the special welcome by Massachusetts Congressman, Richard Neal (2nd District), who spent a considerable amount of time with Holyoke Community's students.

SABIS Holyoke Community Charter School students are welcomed by
Congressman Richard Neal in Washington D.C. on the steps of the Capitol Building
“This trip was a wonderful experience for the students. Not only did they have a lot of fun, they also had the opportunity to consolidate the solid foundation and historical knowledge that is part of the rigorous SABIS® curriculum,” stated Dr. Sonia Correa Pope, School Director. “Our students’ faces, as well as their daily E-mails to parents and myself were precious and rewarding,” stated Correa-Pope.

The trip was paid for with the help of parents, students, and school community members, who participated in many fundraising activities to make the trip possible.  The trip, which was planned and organized by WorldStrides, a company that specializes in experiential student travel, is one of the many educational opportunities available to Holyoke Community's students.   Holyoke Community opened in fall 2005 and currently serves 700 students in grades K-8.  For more information about HCCS, visit


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