November 30, 2011

500 New Charters Opened for 2011-12, 150 Closed

NAPCS Estimates 500 New Charters Opened for 2011-12, 150 Closed

More than 500 new charter schools opened across the country for the fall of 2011 and about 150 closed over the past year, with California leading in both categories, according to November 2011 estimates by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools (NAPCS).

Back to School Tallies: Estimated Number of Public Charter Schools, 2011-2012 provides the top states for openings and closings of charter schools and a chart of the activity in each of the states where charter schools were operating in 2011.  Overall, NAPCS estimates there are now about 5,600 charter schools across the country, representing growth of about 7 percent. Four states showed declining numbers.


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