November 17, 2011

SABIS® Professional Development Institute: Classroom Management Training

Through the SABIS® Professional Development Institute (SPDI), which oversees and develops training workshops and programs throughout the network, individuals working in SABIS® and SABIS® member schools have ongoing opportunities to sharpen their skills or become proficient in new ones. One of SPDI’s newest workshops, Classroom Management Training, has been designed with an aim of helping teachers manage their classrooms more effectively.

With thousands of teachers employed in schools across the SABIS® School Network, SABIS® launched the Classroom Management Training to provide educators with the necessary skills and techniques to maximize their efficiency in the classroom. “The Classroom Management Training gives SABIS® educators a good understanding of more than 40 techniques that can be applied when and where needed to ensure efficiency in the classroom,” commented SABIS® Corporate Operations Director, Mr. Johnny Harb. “SABIS® teachers are well-trained before stepping into a classroom, but this training program gives them even more guidance and tips on how to deal with specific situations.” He added, “These techniques are used by teachers who have seen exceptional results with them…and the fact that many of the techniques are aligned with the SABIS Point System® of teaching makes it easy for SABIS® teachers to apply them.”

The Classroom Management Training is delivered in a four-day workshop. “Teachers spend four days learning and applying 40+ techniques…from being trained on how attitude counts to commanding presence, there is something useful for every teacher. Because the same techniques will not work for everyone, we cover a lot of techniques so that teachers can find their preferred one,” said Mr. Harb.

The SPDI team at SABIS® put considerable effort into organizing the workshop. Commenting on the design process of the Classroom Management Training, SABIS® Training Specialist, Mr. Naoum Barakat said, “This particular training required a lot of research and is based on actual life experiences…meaning the techniques have been tried and tested already.”

The Classroom Management Training is one of several new training workshops designed to help strengthen and develop soft skills. These workshops will continue to provide SABIS® team members and teachers in SABIS® member schools with the knowledge and resources to uphold the organization’s high standards and to help all students achieve their full potential. (


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