November 16, 2011

Class of 2011 at SABIS International (Springfield, MA) earned $9 Million in scholarships

Demonstrating SABIS®’s ability to prepare graduates with the knowledge and skills that universities seek, for the eleventh consecutive year, 100% of 12th graders from the SABIS® International Charter School (SICS) in Springfield, Massachusetts, were accepted to college or university. And topping that remarkable achievement, the 126-student graduating class of SICS was awarded a total of $9 million in scholarships.

SABIS® is committed to providing its global network of students with a solid foundation of knowledge, skills, and experiences needed for success in college and beyond. As such, SABIS® students and graduates are continuously being recognized for their academic prowess and often are recipients of enviable college scholarships for their achievements.

The SICS graduates who were awarded scholarships were primarily recognized for their academic merit. In fact, 76 members of the graduating class, or 58%, qualified for the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship based on the strength of their state exams. This is the highest rate of qualification of SICS students to date for the prestigious scholarship that provides students with a full tuition waiver to any Massachusetts state university for a period of four years.

“This was a very successful year!” commented SICS Guidance Counselor, Mr. Tom Campagna. “Helping our students get into college has become the easy part of the job. Helping them to pay for college has become a challenge. Fortunately, members of the Class of 2011 have the skills and academic prowess to make attending college more financially accessible,” Mr. Campagna explained.

Not only are SICS seniors awarded scholarships based on merit, but often their financial need is considered as well. One such scholarship program, the MassMutual Scholarship, recently announced their recipients, and out of the 40 available awards, six SICS graduates earned $5,000 awards, renewable for four years. The awards were given to students who maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above, demonstrated financial need, and planned to pursue a career in financial services, business, or information technology. “Our students are very deserving of the MassMutual awards and all the other scholarships they have received. We are very proud of their ongoing success!” stated School Director, Ms. Karen Reuter.

Ms. Stephanie Morin, a 2011 graduate of SICS who is enrolled at Bay Path College, credits SABIS® for helping to make a college education financially viable. “SABIS® has not only prepared me to be successful academically, it provided me with dedicated college counselors who made me aware of a great number of scholarships and also provided me and my family the help to complete the financial aid process successfully,” said Ms. Morin.

The first of SABIS®'s U.S. charter schools, SICS opened in September 1995 with 450 students. Sixteen successful years later, SICS serves 1,574 students in grades K-12—with close to 3,000 more on the waiting list—and strives to prepare them for success in college and beyond.  For more information about SABIS® International Charter School, please visit


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