November 30, 2011

Tennessee May Take Responsibility for 68 Underperforming Memphis Schools

Memphis, Tn - The state identified the bottom 5 percent (85 schools) of the schools in Tennessee. 68 of the 85 are in Memphis. The federal government accepts is considering a plan for the state to take responsibility of these schools.

If everything goes as planned, those 68 Memphis city schools will become what is called "the Achievement School District," a state run district with its own superintendent, Chris Barbic. There are four options the Achievement School District can choose for the underperforming schools: The school can be left alone, it can be turned into a charter school with leadership and curriculum independent from Memphis City Schools, it can be controlled jointly by MCS and the state, or the state can come in and take over completely. Read more on My Fox Memphis.

State May Take Responsibility for 68 Underperforming MCS Schools:


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