November 29, 2011

Legislative Alert from the Michigan Association of Public School Academies

The House Education Committee could vote on SB 618 this week!

The legislature has returned back to Lansing from their two weeks of in-district work and is taking up SB 618, the bill that lifts the cap on university authorized charter schools. After the recall of then Chairman Paul Scott, the Speaker appointed Rep. Tom McMillan chair on an interim basis.

The Committee heard open testimony today. There were charter school supporters testifying for the need for more charter schools, relief from property tax, and a more clear path to replication. There were also plenty of detractors perpetuating age old myths about charter schools, i.e. they don’t have special ed, they don’t do high school, they only take the best and brightest kids, etc. They even said that charter schools take money from traditional schools. I think they forget that traditional schools do not have money of their own, only the money they take from the taxpayers. No one is taking their money, taxpayers are deciding how they want to spend their money.

The Committee is expected to vote on SB 618 tomorrow. Please let the committee members know that you support SB 618, and call your legislator today and ask them to support SB 618 because:

1. Parents want options and kids deserve quality choices in education.
2. Charter schools out perform similar districts in nearly every category despite being funded less.
3. Charter schools are held accountable for their performance by their authorizer and more importantly by the parents who choose to send their children there.

Call your legislator and members of the Education Committee today! Click here for a listing of all office phone numbers.

Click the link below to log in and send your message:


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