November 17, 2011

New SABIS® Headquarters Inaugurated

SABIS® HQ - Ralph A. Bistany Development Center
After nearly two years of careful planning and building, the construction of SABIS®’s new corporate headquarters in Adma, Lebanon, was recently completed. The state-of-the-art, multi-story structure is now in operation and accommodating all SABIS® Educational Services personnel.

To celebrate the new headquarters’ establishment, an inauguration ceremony and reception was held on October 14, 2011. The event gathered more than 200 SES employees, SABIS® board members, and supporters for a celebration that honored the organization’s success and impressive growth that led to the building of the headquarters.

“With this new building we are strengthening the image of SABIS® as a global player and serious contributor to improving education around the world,” commented SABIS® President, Mr. Carl Bistany, who delivered the opening remarks for the inauguration. “However, let us not kid ourselves. Looks count, but what really counts are our achievements and what we produce in this building—tools and technology, systems and services that help our schools reach new heights of achievement.”

SABIS® Co-Founders, Mrs. Leila Saad and Mr. Ralph A. Bistany, were on hand for the inauguration festivities, during which Mrs. Saad delivered an inspiring speech and unveiled the headquarters’ name—the Ralph A. Bistany Development Center. Mr. R. Bistany expressed his deep appreciation for the honor during the reception that followed the official ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The inauguration reception was held in the outdoor space on the ground floor of the facility, space which will soon house a cafeteria for SES personnel. In addition to the eatery, the Ralph A. Bistany Development Center features extensive office space, a gym, underground and outdoor parking, training and seminar rooms, and capacity for more than 380 people, providing SABIS® team members with the atmosphere and resources to fuel passionate pursuit of the SABIS® Core Purpose, plus ample room to accommodate the organization’s growth.


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