November 16, 2011

SABIS® Featured on Discovery Channel’s “The Profile Series”

SABIS® was featured on The Discovery Channel’s “The Profile Series,” a program that aims to inform, educate, and enlighten viewers on issues surrounding health and medicine, business, education, and the environment. The special edition, half-hour segment took a close look at SABIS® and its dynamic educational system.  It aired on Wednesday, November 2, 2011, at 7:00 am EDT.  Click here to watch the profile on YouTube.

“The Profile Series” segment comes at a pivotal time when local and national governments and their constituents are concerned about declining education standards. The show’s host, Mr. Lou Gossett Jr., will profile SABIS® and its efforts to provide students in the U.S., and around the world, with high-quality education.

“We are honored to have been featured in "The Profile Series" and to publicize the ongoing problems within education that are occurring across communities in the US,” commented SABIS® VP - Operations, Mr. George Saad. “Through this television segment, more people have become aware of the issues that are affecting our youth and leaders of tomorrow…and hopefully it bring about change so that all children have access to a world-class education and a better chance at life,” he added.

In the US, SABIS® manages eight charter schools and a private school, plus licenses the comprehensive SABIS® educational system to four additional schools.  These schools honor SABIS®’s goal of continually seeking improvement by dramatically raising the standard of education in the communities they serve and by consistently narrowing the achievement gap.

SABIS® is distinguished by a 125+ year track record in the operation of Pre-K and K-12 schools as well as a university.  Its track record of excellence in education spans the world, where it currently educates students in schools located in 15 countries on four continents. These schools educate thousands of students who follow the efficient and comprehensive SABIS® Educational System, which provides them with the knowledge, skills, and experiences to excel in college and beyond.

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