November 22, 2011

Four New PPP Schools to Join the SABIS® School Network

The SABIS® School Network is proud to announce the impending opening of four new Public-Private Partnership (PPP) schools to be located in various cities across Kurdistan, the semi-autonomous region located in northern Iraq. Supported by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and operated by SABIS®, the four schools will open in September 2012 and are expected to collectively serve 1,000+ students in grades K-2. The schools will expand by one grade level in each subsequent year of operation until they offer full K-12 programs.

Mr. Burhan Abdulla Adel, General Director of Kurdistan’s Ministry of Education expressed his gratitude toward SABIS® for its contribution to education in the region. He commented, “I am very happy to see that more children in Kurdistan will be benefiting from such quality education…I hope this educational experience will expand to reach every village in Kurdistan.”

The schools’ locations have been carefully selected to ensure that even students in the most remote parts of Kurdistan have the opportunity to attend a SABIS® PPP school. As such, the four new schools will open in rural areas where students there may not otherwise have access to a world-class education. Additionally, SABIS® will engage in training more than 150 teachers from Kurdistan’s Ministry of Education with an aim to ultimately foster efficient, self-reliant operations at all schools.

“The value added to students attending SABIS® PPP schools is remarkable,” commented Mr. Raed Mahmoud, SABIS® Representative in Kurdistan. “As a result, parents and community members have put a lot of pressure on government officials to increase enrollment and/or open similar schools in their neighborhoods. With the addition of these four new PPP schools, their request has been granted.”

The new schools will join SABIS®’s existing schools in Kurdistan - three PPP schools and two private schools, as well as the SABIS® University in Kurdistan. SABIS®’s involvement in the region began in 2006 as operator of the International School of Choueifat-Erbil. Two years after seeing students benefit from the SABIS® Educational System, in 2008 Kurdish leaders embarked on a Public-Private Partnership project with SABIS® in order to bring those same benefits to Kurdish students attending public schools. Today, SABIS® schools in Kurdistan are thriving in their respective communities and provide a world-class education to a combined total of nearly 3,900 students.

In addition to joining the growing network of SABIS®’s schools in Kurdistan, the four PPP schools will become part of the global SABIS® School Network comprised of schools in 15 countries on four continents. These schools educate thousands of students who follow the efficient, high-quality SABIS® Educational System, which provides them with the knowledge, skills, and experiences to excel in college and beyond.

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